Leverage Mobile Platforms for Stronger Brand Values

What has changed the business model or business and marketing strategies dramatically? Internet and smart phones are mainly responsible for the twist and turn in the marketing and customer relationship. Mobile applications, apropos of some research, have outshone desktop usage in 2011. As smart phones are used by a large population, who is some way or other customer for different companies, and spreading at an astounding speed, companies have started to meet the mobile application requirement for faster business growth.

It has been a prediction from Research group Gartner that Mobile application development business will hit $6 billion sales per annum. Mobile application development is becoming the need of the hour but companies need to take care of technicalities of launching a mobile app. A proper market analysis is intrinsically required to understand the benefits of the application for the customers as well as for the company. In addition, they need to also analyze which platform/s to choose for launching the mobile application initially or launch on all the platforms.

Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry are the main devices mostly used by customers these days. If you consider creating a mobile application for your business, you need to do the analysis of what your company can provide to your loyal and potential customers. How can your customers be benefitted by the application? There are thousands of applications available on different market place, but customers use the ones which match their requirements. They will not use the application which does not confer any sort of facility or benefits to them.

People working in offices prefer business apps like Office applications which allow you to access doc and excel files. You can edit and create new files. Some use e-mail clients for e-mails synchronization and some use reminders and to do list applications. These are all business applications which help office goers streamline their works and schedule them accordingly.

There are entertainment applications like movie reviews applications, applications for listening and downloading songs as well as magazines. Using these applications users can read about the cinema trends, gossips and upcoming movies. They can share and like music with their friends on various social networking sites. Applications are available for everyone and for everything.

The other option companies have is creating games for Android, IOS and BlackBerry platforms. Games are a favorite time pass for many. Leverage the application platforms for better product marketing for stronger brand values.